Linklater Voice Training

Linklater Voice Training 🇬🇧

The Linklater Voice Work is a progression of exercises which seeks to undo habitual tensions inhibiting expression and to awaken new connections in order to open and strengthen the voice / body / mind connection. The exercises include relaxation, awareness of breathing, the experience of feeling voice connected to the body as vibrations, how to relax tensions in the jaw and tongue muscles as well as opening the throat, the development of resonance and range and the possible brilliance of articulation.

Awaking your awareness about your voice you will discover the potential of the human voice, your own expressiveness, passionate speaking and the pleasure of communication with a free natural voice open to respond to the challenges of life.

The Linklater work has been taught in actor training programs around the world. With the growing awareness of the importance of communication and the role of voice in it the work has been taught to people from all walks of life whether they are professional actors or speakers, involved in business or simply want to discover one’s own voice. Whatever your origin is: after the training you have strengthened and enlarged your potential to speak from a deeply truly resounding place in yourself to connect and resonate with others.

It is primarily speaking voice work – but the singing voice also benefits enormously from the focus on free breathing, resonance and the release of tongue and jaw tension.


Language: English
Where: gesundzimmer, Landsbergerstr. 155, Haus 2 – 1.OG, München
When: Weekday / Saturday
Hours: open


Single Hour: EUR 70,-
Double Lesson: EUR 120,-
Package of 10: EUR 600,-
Package of 5: 320,-
Discount: for students or performing artists

All fees are net, ex tax